How to Get Rid of Back Fat

Get Rid of Back FatIt can come on gradually and be little noticed, particularly if you only face the mirror head on. Your shirts may begin to feel a little snug near the shoulders and your bra may not seem to fit as well as before. Then a glance at your profile reflection as you walk past the mirror may reveal the culprit: back fat. So how to get rid of back fat? Read on.

Back fat is a particular problem for women, partly because the clothes they wear tend to accent it by causing creases and bulges, otherwise known as “bra bulge.” Also, women often can retain fat in the area aligned with the breasts. Large breasts can contribute to fat in that area, and the pulling of breasts downward can make this fat more noticeable. Some women also have a condition that results in the development of breast tissue in the armpits.

Overall, though, back fat is just a problem area in much the same way that hips, thighs, and double chins can be problem areas. They all occur as a result of too much fat in the entire body. Just as there are no proven methods to reduce the fat in those areas specifically, there are no spot solutions for back fat. Losing back fat means losing weight in general.

While spot reduction exercises and techniques have been proven to be ineffective, no matter what area you are spotting, there are ways to help you get rid of back fat. Exercise is involved in the process, but so are proper diet strategies and certain lifestyle changes.

Fat Reducing BraYou may want to start your back fat elimination project by first reducing the appearance of the fat folds. If you wear a bra, make sure it is correctly fitted to your body and is secured in the right place. Poorly fitting bras can have tight straps that cut into the fat and push the skin up causing a bulge. Wearing bras with wider straps and backs can reduce this effect and look better under clothing. Form fitting or tight clothes can be worn successfully by also wearing shape wear underneath.

The next step, which involves creating a solid weight loss diet, will help you start actually reducing the back fat. Base this diet on vegetables and fruits and be sure to eat them in large portions at every meal. This will help fill you up and let you take a pass on the bread or pasta that is on your plate.

Vegetables in the morning can help you jump-start your day’s fat burning process.Raw Vegetables Can Help Reduce Fat Try a vegetable omelet or create a green smoothie. Use vegetables that are grown locally and are in season as they will be more nutritious than those that may have been harvested early to last through the truck trip to your area.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, concentrate on eating proteins that are lean but high in omega 3s and other healthy fats. Say “yes” to fresh fish and chicken, but turn away from cured or processed meats like lunchmeat, sausage, and bacon, which contain saturated fats and other additives. When ordering a fish or chicken meal, ask for it to be broiled or baked rather than fried with all its extra oils and breading. Other sources of good protein are leafy greens and legumes. Also, avocados and flax seed oil will provide good fats for the vegans among us.

Last on the list of a healthy, fat reducing diet, are whole grains and items with high fiber contents. Fiber is essential in the diet. It helps with digestion and will keep you feeling full longer than low-fiber foods. Legumes, nuts, buckwheat, and quinoa are good sources of fiber.

Whole grain foods, meanwhile, contain needed vitamins and minerals. Those looking to lose weight and so also reduce back fat should avoid anything made from bleached flour as well as instant oatmeal and white rice. Replace these instead with brown rice, old-fashioned oats, and whole grain bread.

Cardio Exercise Can Get Rid of Back FatA lot of excess poundage can be traced back to the consumption of processed foods. Even so-called “natural” foods can contain extra fats, sugar, salt, food colorings, and other additives. So avoid snack foods, fast foods, microwaveable dinners, and even diet sodas. Substitute a handful of berries or nuts for potato chips or pretzels and drink water or herbal tea.

Drinking more water is a good way to reduce the stress on the body caused by dehydration. It also will give you a feeling of fullness, and the mere act of reaching for a glass or bottle of water can lessen the chance you will grab up a candy bar. One final hint about drinking: lower your alcohol consumption. Alcohol will spike your blood sugar and could prompt you to eat a fattening snack to go with it.

In the way of exercises, fitness experts recommend a regular regimen of cardiovascular workouts such as bike riding, swimming, running, using an elliptical machine, or a rowing machine. Cardio exercises burn fat overall, and swimming and rowing also will help strengthen your back muscles.


Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Healthy Weight Loss through FoodLosing weight is probably a lifetime struggle for many people. It is not easy to maintain an ideal weight and body figure. Instead of trying dangerous surgeries to achieve a slimmer physique, why not incorporate the foods that help you lose weight into your diet? What is the science of thermogenesis or DIT (diet induced thermogenesis)? According to scientists, after a person eats a meal, energy is necessary to have it processed. The concept of increasing the metabolism rate through DIT is what you need to lose weight successfully.

To make it simple, you just have to include thermogenic foods in your daily meals to speed up your metabolism. Thermogenesis is when you actually burn calories during the digestive process. To some degree all foods have a thermogenic effect because all foods are digested which requires energy. However, certain foods have a much higher thermogenic effect. Here are some thermogenic foods for you to munch on:

1. Chicken Breast (don’t include the skin). Eating chicken is a yummy way to undergo a strict Chicken Breasts - Foods that help you lose weightdiet plan. No need to exclusively stick with green-leafy-foods that perhaps don’t taste good. Simply make a sandwich or include this in your regular recipes. You can also try red meat (if lean), egg whites and fish. Any food that is high in lean protein is considered thermogenic. So, you don’t have to eat the same type of meal every single day. There are so many foods that help you lose weight. Ask your physician if you have any restrictions to ensure that you are protected against allergies and contra-indications.

Green Tea - Foods that help you lose weight2. Green Tea. This Asian beverage is known for its amazing benefits. It does not only clean your intestines, but it can also help you burn those nasty calories. Caffeine and polyphenols are two main ingredients of green teas and are proven to boost the thermogenesis process in the human body. Next time you need to choose between soda and tea, choose green tea. Sodas can make you obese. On the other hand, authentic green tea can help you maintain a healthy weight. More importantly, it also helps you in the prevention of cancer-related illnesses. Note: there are a lot of fake green teas in the market. Look for genuine brands in Asian stores.

3. Spices and Hot Peppers. Red peppers and cayenne peppers, ginger, chili and other spicy foods are said to help burn calories Hot Peppers - Foods that help you lose weightby stimulating thermogenesis in the nervous system. If you want to get rid of those extra lbs, try adding spices on your foods. Cooking something spicy for your lunch will not only help you burn fat, it will also make you feel full sooner. The problem why many individuals are having a hard time reducing weight is that when they eat, they always feel that they are still hungry. Eating dishes with lots of spices can remedy this issue.

Ice Water - Foods that help you lose weight4. Iced water. Losing weight need not be expensive. Instead of buying beverages that promise to shred off some of your fats, try plain cold water. It’s free and effective. You don’t believe in this? Ask mountaineers. They eat ice in the mountains to preserve their energy. The same concept applies to people seeking a slimmer body. Drinking cold water will burn the unwanted calories and will also minimize your food cravings. In the morning, drink first a glass of ice-cold water. Do this also before eating a full meal. It minimizes the amount of food that you want to eat because it sends a signal to your brain that you are already full. Most of the time, hunger pangs are simply a way of your body to tell you that you are thirsty. So, hydrate yourself everyday. It’s good for your skin as well.

5. Salsa. You probably won’t believe its fat-burning abilities. It is as good as proteins in Salsa - Foods that help you lose weightstimulating the metabolism rate. This means that you don’t have to tire yourself eating egg whites and fish all the time. Just add salsa to your dishes like sautéed veggies and scrambled eggs. It is not only tasty and delicious but it’s also a powerful way to help you reduce weight fast and easy. Discover a sexier you in a few months. Ever wonder why Latinas love salsa? Its slimming effect is probably one of the reasons.

Maintaining a healthy and slender body is not that difficult. There are natural foods and drinks that can help you achieve your dream weight. However, you also need to remember a few pointers. First, consult a general physician about what you should and should not do. If you have heart-related problems, losing weight is a big YES but it should be under supervision of a doctor.

Second, exercise and be physically active. Don’t just sit all day and regulate your sleeping habits. Wake up early and try to run and walk. Laziness is next to fatness. Third, stay happy and maintain a positive mind. If you are constantly thinking of problems, you could lose weight in an ugly way — saggy skin, tired eyes, thinner hair, etc. On the contrary, if you are always looking forward to a beautiful tomorrow, losing weight through thermogenesis is easier.


Glucophage Weight Loss

Glucophage Weight LossOne of the big challenges with weight loss is being able to curb the appetite. Well, Glucophage, the drug name is Metformin, which is a generic treatment for diabetes, does exactly that. Glucophage curbs the appetite so people will not eat so much, and lose the weight they desire. So is Glucophage weight loss the way to go?

Many diabetics are overweight because insulin acts on the brain to make them hungry. It causes the liver to manufacture fat, so the fat cells within the stomach can be filled. Obesity has been epidemic in its spread across the globe, and avoiding it at all cost is great for the health industry. To avoid obesity, then you must be able to stay away from foods that will create high levels of blood sugar. You also need to utilize medications that can prevent the levels of blood sugar from growing too high.

What Glucophage does is lower the sugar-release levels from the liver. This, in turn, prevents the blood levels of glucose from growing too high. The body no longer feels the need to produce as large of an amount of insulin, and the person is no longer as hungry. Glucophage, or ‘Metformin’, can be used as a medication with Type 2 Diabetes, and with success.

When Glucophage is used, the complications of diabetes are reduced, and those people using it are able to lose weight. It also helps them to eat a more healthy diet. Doctors will usually prescribe around 500 mgs of Glucophage (Metformin), just before sitting down to eat. This curbs the appetite, and the rest is academic.

Is Glucophage Safe For Long Term Use?

Glucophage Helps Suppress the AppetiteTests have shown that even non-diabetics can benefit from the effects of Glucophage. This is true if the reason for their inability to lose weight comes from a lack of their body’s ability to cease producing too much insulin. The higher this insulin production rises, the higher the rate of insulin the pancreas releases.

After eating, sugar makes its way from the intestines into the bloodstream. From there it winds up in the liver. The liver will then release sugar back into the bloodstream, causing the blood sugar levels to rise.

Now we know, that aside from preventing many of the common side effects for diabetics, it also helps non-diabetics to lose weight. Research also bears out the fact that even exercise, which raises acidic levels that could possibly negate the influence of Glucophage, does not raise it enough to lower its benefits. This makes it even safer than most doctors thought when introduced to it in the beginning.

In specific research, Metformin was studied in terms of long-term effects. In most all of the research that was performed, it was found to be safe and quite well tolerated. There were not significant identifiable safety issues found. Actually, the gastrointestinal symptoms turned up more often within the placebo participants, and they still declined over time. These tests were part of the DPP (diabetes prevention program). They found that weight loss that was related to the adherence to Meformin. They found it to be durable and acceptable, for up to at least ten years worth of treatment.

Pros & Cons of Glucophage Weight Loss:

It is not recommended that patients who are over the age of 80 take Glucophage (Metformin). There are rare occasions when a metabolic complication like lactic acidosis can take place. It can be triggered by the Metformin accumulation while being treated with Metformin hydrochloride. Whenever this occurs, the results are fatal in nearly 50% of all cases.Glucophage for Diabetes

That calls for caution to be used for treating anyone over 80, or unless the measurement of a patient’s ‘creatine clearance’ reveals that their renal function is stable and normal. Drinking alcohol in excess should positively be avoided. Alcohol can increase the Metformin effects on your lactate metabolism.

When deciding to start using any medicine, the pros need to be weighed against the cons, the benefits to the side effects, and all things related. This kind of decision should never be made alone, but with the consultation of a qualified and trusted physician. A few things to take into consideration are:

• Allergies – Always let your doctor know about anything, regardless of how trivial it may sound, that is involved with your health. Any type of allergies should definitely be revealed to your doctor.

• Pediatric – To date, there are no significant findings regarding Metformin treatment of kids from age 10 to 16. The extended-release tabs have yet to be proven or established in terms of safety or efficacy.

• Geriatric – Studies do not prove any significant problems with treating the elderly. However, an elderly patient will be much more likely to suffer kidney problems, and should be a high consideration in deciding on treatment. Age 80 and above are not recommended for this treatment.

Like with any drug, your physician should always be consulted. Glucophage (Metformin) has proved to be safe and effective in many situations. However, every person is a unique and very individual case. Let your doctor’s recommendations have great influence as to whether or not this would be right for you.


Water Fasting For Weight Loss

Water Fasting Weight LossLosing weight has become a very hot topic these days. With an increase in demand for weight loss programs and diets it is no surprise that there is an influx of different solutions to losing weight. It is important to choose a weight loss program that suits you. Understand how it works and assess the benefits as well as the demerits.

Water fasting for weight loss has increasing become a popular method to shed unwanted pounds. The method requires staying away from food and drinking only water. It takes some time to get into the rhythm but all you need is to take small steps to prepare your body for the challenge. This may seem impossible at first but every journey starts with a single step.

Consider skipping lunch and replacing it with pure water. You should prepare for a few days before a 24-hour fast. Begin by removing food and drinks that are high in caffeine, sugar and fat a couple of days before starting your water fast. It is recommendable to replace unhealthy foods with salads, lean proteins and fresh produce and increase your water intake until you can comfortably consume about two liters each day.

As a water fasting diet results in the absence of food in the body, the body cleanses itself of everything except vital tissue. Fasting requires both physical as well as emotional preparation. There is a common myth that the technique is based on starvation. There is nothing further from the truth as the body only gets into starvation mode if it is forced to consume vital tissue to survive.

Eat lightly a few days before beginning the fast. This helps to slow down your system and begins to cleanse without deprivation.  Woman Drinking Water Eating additional fiber also helps your system to move smoothly during the fast. You can set aside one to three days for your water fast when you do not need to undertake any strenuous physical activity. Although your intention is mainly to lose weight, do not exercise during the fast.

So as to prevent water poisoning, it is recommended to take prune supplements and natural salts. The whole idea is to find a safe water additive to balance electrolytes. It takes discipline to achieve your results, but once you get a hang of it, the rest is easy.

It is not uncommon to feel dizzy or weak during a water-fast. You may also grow irritable during the fast so refrain from making any important decisions. Generally, you can expect to lose up to 5lbs in a few days but it all depends on how long you fast. However, you should realize that most of the weight lost is fluids so it is likely to return once you re-introduce food.

Water Fasting For Weight Loss Can Make You TiredA pre-fasting tip is to eliminate as much waste as you can before starting the fast.  This results in lesser hunger pains and detox symptoms. A good colon cleanser should help you to eliminate body toxins and stubborn fecal debris.

Water fasting weight loss can be a bit controversial even dangerous when not properly monitored. On the flipside, they can be quite effective as well. People who have tried it acknowledge the benefits in flushing out toxins, regulating the digestive tract and jumpstarting significant weight loss. Increasing your intake of water may require relatively more visits to the restroom so prepare for easy access and also note that it is possible to drink too much water. Doing so can cause electrolyte imbalance, damage to the kidney or even death.

Fasting may also assist organs such as the liver and kidneys to clear the body of toxins. This has the added advantage of helping you to process foods more efficiently once you return to solid foods. A water-fast is also likely to get you in touch with your appetite as you will be able to understand your response to food triggers.

Water fasting is not for everyone. The underweight, pregnant women and people with chronic health complication such as diabetes, cancer, anemia, lung diseases and diabetes among other health problems should never engage in a water fast.

Fasts that are followed for more than three days can come with serious side effects such as extreme exhaustion, digestive ailments and sensitivity to cold temperatures. Although you might lose a small amount of fat during the fast, you are likely to lose muscle tissue resulting in a slower rate of metabolism.

Make sure you have a solid plan for breaking the fast. If you are not well prepared there are higher chances that you may end up overfeeding. This can be very dangerous especially when breaking a fast. All in all, fasting should be used as a bridge to a healthy lifestyle. To receive a lasting benefit from fasting, be prepared to make permanent eating habit changes. You do not want to fast and go back to making poor healthy lifestyle choices.


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